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memberd — group membership resolution daemon


memberd [options]


memberd is a daemon process used by the system to resolve group member-
ships. It should always be running and responds to messages from the
kernel or other processes using membership API calls. All resolution is
done using Open Directory calls for both legacy and new group formats,
including support for nested group resolution.

A list of flags and their descriptions:

-h Lists the options for calling memberd
-v Prints the build version
-x Prevents memberd from daemonizing
-d Same as -x but enables output to terminal
-s Prints usage statistics for the running daemon
-c Clears existing statistics for running daemon
-t Runs a self test against the running daemon
-r Resets the memberd cache
-u Ar name Determines the UUID for the provided username
-g Ar group Determins the UUID for the provided group name
-l Dumps log to a file in /Library/Logs/memberd_dump.log
-L Dumps log and cache to log file in /Library/Logs/memberd_dump.log


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