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App Store Improvements

From Apple (News 09012016a)


App Store

App Store Improvements

September 1, 2016

We love helping customers discover innovative, useful, and exciting apps on the App Store. With more than 2 million apps available and around 100,000 new and updated apps submitted each week, there’s something for everyone. To make it easier for customers to find great apps that fit their needs, we’re implementing two suggestions from the developer community starting September 7, 2016.

Quality Apps

Quality is extremely important to us. We know that many of you work hard to build innovative apps and update your apps on the App Store with new content and features. However, there are also apps on the App Store that no longer function as intended or follow current review guidelines, and others which have not been supported with compatibility updates for a long time. We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps for these issues, notifying their developers, and removing problematic and abandoned apps from the App Store.

Shorter App Names

Search is one of the most frequently used methods for customers to discover and download apps from the App Store. In hopes of influencing search results, some developers have used extremely long app names which include descriptions and terms not directly related to their app. These long names are not fully displayed on the App Store and provide no user value. App names you submit in iTunes Connect for new apps and updates will now be limited to no longer than 50 characters. You can learn more about creating effective app names, as well as icons, keywords, screenshots, and descriptions, by reading the App Store Product Page.

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Instapaper > Pinterest

From the Instapaper Team

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Instapaper is joining Pinterest. In the three years since betaworks acquired Instapaper from Marco Arment, we’ve completely rewritten our backend, overhauled our mobile and web clients, improved parsing and search, and introduced tons of great features like highlights, text-to-speech, and speed reading to the product.

All of these features and developments revolved around the core mission of Instapaper, which is allowing our users to discover, save, and experience interesting web content. In that respect, there is a lot of overlap between Pinterest and Instapaper. Joining Pinterest provides us with the additional resources and experience necessary to achieve that shared mission on a much larger scale.

For you, the Instapaper end user and customer, nothing changes. The Instapaper team will be moving from betaworks in New York City to Pinterest’s headquarters in San Francisco, and we’ll continue to make Instapaper a great place to save and read articles.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank all of our readers for your support throughout the years. Whether you supported us back when Marco built and ran Instapaper, from the betaworks acquisition, or just found out about us recently, we truly appreciate your continued support and look forward to bringing you the same great product at Pinterest.

- Instapaper Team


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Powershell Mac

Powershell has been released on GitHub.




Welcome to the PowerShell GitHub Community! PowerShell is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and OS X) automation and configuration tool/framework that works well with your existing tools and is optimized for dealing with structured data (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML, etc.), REST APIs, and object models. It includes a command-line shell, an associated scripting language and a framework for processing cmdlets.


PowerShell becomes multiplatform


Additional platforms will be supported in the future, says Microsoft. The firm book parallel the source code for Windows PowerShell and Linux. PowerShell is based on .Net, Microsoft .Net needed on other platforms in order to bear PowerShell also on other platforms, says the creator of the tool, Jeffrey Snover.




Once operational Core .NET on Linux and Mac OS X – via .NET 1.0 Core – the publisher has changed for PowerShell that it works. The PowerShell Core version is the one that Microsoft will deliver with Nano Server for Windows Server 2016, says Jeffrey Snover to « The current PowerShell users who need to manage their heterogeneous areas will want it. People building management tools like us with Operations Management Suite (OMS) desire. Those who want to standardize on a specific set of tools will want this » ensures the father of PowerShell.


Install PowerShell on OS X 10.11


Using OS X 10.11, download the PKG package powershell-6.0.0-alpha.9.pkg from the releases page onto the OS X machine. Either double-click the file and follow the prompts, or install it from the terminal:


sudo installer -pkg powershell-6.0.0-alpha.9.pkg -target /




$PSHOME is /opt/microsoft/powershell/6.0.0-alpha.9/
User profiles will be read from ~/.config/powershell/profile.ps1
Default profiles will be read from $PSHOME/profile.ps1
User modules will be read from ~/.local/share/powershell/Modules
Shared modules will be read from /usr/local/share/powershell/Modules
Default modules will be read from $PSHOME/Modules
PSReadLine history will be recorded to ~/.local/share/powershell/PSReadLine/ConsoleHost_history.txt


The profiles respect PowerShell’s per-host configuration, so the default host-specific profiles exists at Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 in the same locations. On Linux and OS X, the XDG Base Directory Specification is respected. Note that because OS X is a derivation of BSD, instead of /opt, the prefix used is /usr/local. Thus, $PSHOME is /usr/local/microsoft/powershell/6.0.0-alpha.9/, and the symlink is placed at /usr/local/bin/powershell.


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Review Sherlock 1.0.2

Release of Review Sherlock 1.0.2.

Review sherlock was just updated to version 1.0.2.

In this update :

  • Addition of the « data mining » window.
  • Addition of « data mining » export to xml and txt.
  • Addition of an interactive map to display the reviews in the extracted countries.
  • Addition of an interactive map to display the rates in the extracted countries.
  • Addition of color explanation for the reviews.
  • Addition of color explanation for the ratings.
  • Addition of a specific colorized view for the « data mining » list.
  • Addition of details in the review field.
  • Addition of a Bar graphics and a line graphics for the « data mining ».
  • Addition of new engines in the review window.
  • Addition of visual stars in the review window.
  • Addition of the 503 errors to the logs.
  • Correction of the « export reviews » process.
  • Correction of the « export application » process.
  • Correction of the logs.
  • Correction of the « export logs » process.
  • Correction of the registration process.
  • Correction of the review field in the review window.
  • Correction of the graphics.
  • Correction of the translations.
  • Correction of the review field in the main window.
  • Correction of the review window.
  • Correction of the code.

Examples :

Data Mining of the WWF Together application. (App Store)
Data Mining of the WWF Together application. (App Store) (Map of ratings)
Data Mining of the WWF Together application. (App Store) (Bar view of reviews)
Data Mining of the WWF Together application. (App Store) (Line view of reviews)
Data Mining of the WWF Together application. (App Store) (Map of reviews)
Review window of a review for the WWF Together application. (App Store) (Map of reviews)

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Review Sherlock 1.0.1

Release of Review Sherlock 1.0.1.

Review sherlock was just updated to version 1.0.1.

In this update :

  • Correction of the buying link.
  • Correction of the deletion of an application.
  • Correction of the deletion of all applications.
  • You can now consult the review in a specific field.

Examples :

Partial review of the Facebook application. (App Store) (French screenshot).
Review Sherlock Partial Review Of Facebook Application
Partial review of OS X El Capitan. (Mac App Store) (French screenshot)
review sherlock partial review el capitan

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Crypt a text with Cryptext

How to crypt a text with Cryptext.

Ciphering a text with Cryptext is very easy.


Click the "Preferences" tool button.

Clicking the "Preferences" tool button will switch you to the "Preferences" section.

In the "Preferences" section of Cryptext.

Select AES security. Write a password.

Select AES security.

Write a key. The key must contain 15 characters, this is mandatory.

Click the "Encrypt" tool button.

Clicking the "Encrypt" tool button, you'll return to the writing part.

Write a text.

In this example : "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."


Click the "Encrypt" tool button.

Your text is now encrypted. Cryptext is one of the most easiest tool to encrypt text on Mac OSX.


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Add an application to Review Sherlock

How to add an application inside Review Sherlock ?

Adding an application inside review Sherlock for analysis is pretty simple and straight forward.

Review Sherlock

Launch Review Sherlock.

Click the Review Sherlock Icon application to launch Review Sherlock.

Review Sherlock interface

Click the "Add" tool button.

When you click the "Add" tool button a new window appears inside Review Sherlock.

Add an application window

Write an identifier.

Add an application by its identifier. In this example we'll add the YouTube application. The YouTube application identifier is 544007664.

Identifier 544007664

Click the "Add" button.

Click the "Add" button. If the identifier is correct, and the App is not already inside Review Sherlock's Database, the fetching window appears.

Fetching the application with identifier 544007664

When the fetching is over.

When the fetching of the application is over, the fetching window disappears and the YouTube application is ready to be analyzed inside Review Sherlock.

Review Sherlock with the YouTube application added

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Discontinuation of public SurDoc Services

Discontinuation of public SurDoc Services


The Cloud industry is a fast moving business that permanently requires to adapt oneself to new challenges by focusing on one’s strengths. SurDoc has always been strong on the core technology side. In recent years SurDoc has achieved to establish itself as technology leader with TruPrivacy, the securest cloud data encryption technology, and SurFS, the fastest cloud storage system at lowest cost. The SurDoc board has decided to focus our business on being an excellent technology provider in order to sharpen SurDoc’s profile as cloud technology leader and enterprise service provider. Consequently, all SurDoc consumer services (including paid subscriptions) will be discontinued on May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT.


The most important thing that you need to do now is to make sure that you have at least one copy of all data that you are storing at SurDoc at your local PC, a storage media or another storage service. Please make sure to download all data from SurDoc until May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT to avoid any data loss.


With this announcement we will be starting to cancel all subscriptions of all users who have purchased one of our paid plans. We will also be refunding all payments from subscription terms that will run beyond the date of discontinuation of SurDoc services on May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT.

Discontinuation of Services – Questions and Answers:


Q: When will subscriptions to SurDoc Paid Plans be cancelled?

A: Cancellation of subscription to SurDoc Paid Plan starting now.


Q: When will refunding of payments for to SurDoc Paid Plans start?

A: Refunding of subscription terms going beyond May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT starting now. It might just take us up to two (2) weeks to proceed all refundings. We will fulfill our commitment to provide SurDoc services for subscription terms ending before May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT.


Q: When will upload and backup for further files to SurDoc be cancelled?

A: We will be disabling upload and backup for further files to SurDoc 30 days (May 29th, 2016) after this announcement.


Q: When will the public SurDoc services be discontinued?

A: SurDoc Services will be discontinued on May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT. SurDoc will not be able to recover any data stored at SurDoc services after that date because all data will be permanently deleted. Please make sure to download all data from SurDoc until May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT to avoid any data loss.


We’re apologizing for any inconvenience that we are causing.


If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the SurDoc Support Team at:


SurDoc and the SurDoc logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SurDoc Corp. incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.© 2016 SurDoc Corp. All rights reserved.

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Apple March Event 2016 Keynote


Apple March 2016 Keynote


iPhone SE

iPhone SE


ipad pro 9.7

9.7 inch iPad


Apple iOs 9.3

Apple iOs 9.3


TvOS 9.2

TvOS 9.2


watchOS 2.2

watchOS 2.2


Apple Watch

Apple Watch low as $299


OS X El Capitan v10.11.4

OS X El Capitan v10.11.4


The OS X El Capitan v10.11.4 Update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

OS X El Capitan v10.11.4 update :

Adds the ability to passcode-protect notes containing personal data in Notes
Adds the ability to sort notes alphabetically, by date created, or date modified in Notes
Adds the ability to import Evernote files into Notes
Adds support for sharing Live Photos between iOS and OS X via AirDrop and Messages
Addresses an issue that may cause RAW images to open slowly in Photos
Adds the ability for iBooks to store PDFs in iCloud, making them available across all your devices
Fixes an issue that prevented loading Twitter links in Safari
Prevents JavaScript dialogs from blocking access to other webpages in Safari
Fixes an issue that prevented the VIPs mailbox from working with Gmail accounts
Fixes an issue that caused USB audio devices to disconnect
Improves the compatibility and reliability of Apple USB-C Multiport Adapters

OS X El Capitan v10.11.4 Enterprise content:

Fixes an issue that could cause a black screen after logging in as the root user
Fixes an issue that prevents using screen sharing to remotely click the Allow button or Always Allow button in Keychain Access
Fixes an issue that prevents Migration Assistant from opening when automatic login has been disabled using a configuration profile
Fixes an issue that prevents Mail from showing the date and time of certain Microsoft Exchange calendar events
Provides compatibility with the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
Improves the reliability of connecting to a Personal Hotspot via Wi-Fi
For detailed information about the security content of this update, see Apple Security Updates.


iTunes 12.3.3

iTunes 12.3.3


Xcode 7.3

Xcode 7.3

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