Cryptix is a complete solution to study cryptography, encodings and ciphers. Hide your datas, encrypt your texts and documents.

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Historique de Cryptix

Historique du logiciel Cryptix.


Version 0.1a

– Carbon version.
– First beta release ^_^, first free-ware.

Version 0.1b

– Mach-O version.

Version 0.1c

– Some parts rewritten.
– Addition of the manual.
– Adding RC4 encryption capacity.
– Adding unix tool ‘Whereis’.

Version 0.1d

– Some parts rewritten.
– Addition of a little front end for OpenSSL who ll be in the future transformed in a full gui.
– Work on the icons and the global interface.
– Adding the twofish Encryption / Decryption capacity.

Version 0.1e

– Adding a more complete manual.
– Addition of the mnemonic pw generator.

Version 0.1f

– Adding OpenSSL encryption capacity for cryptix to crypt file with ciphers.
– Adding a manual for OpenSSL.
– Adding the thread viewer.
– new OpenSSL front end for benchmark & easy operations.

Version 0.1f-r1

– Add Select all function.
– Add possibility to metalize the main window.
– Add the zlib compression capacity.
– Add the RC4 Benchmark (Need rewriting).

Version 0.2

– Add Wordlist generator.
– Add JTR(John The ripper) GUI.
– Add bourne shell operator.
– Some parts reajusted.
– Add CA generator.

Version 0.3

– JTR reajusted.
– Tiger ready.
– Some improvments.

Version 0.4

– Add the telnet tool.
– JTR corrected.

Version 0.5

– Add the rot13 Algorythm.
– Some parts reajusted.
– This soft is now shareware 10$.

Version 0.6

– Some parts reajusted.
– Add the steganography tool for images.
– Add the CRC Checksum tool.
– New Icon.

Version 0.61

– MD5 can hash multiples words (Thanks to beta testers).
– Interface is now fully in english (Thanks to erik winklers).
– Possibility to save the the CRC report.
– RC4 crypt – decrypt in realtime using your own key.
– Rot13 button corrected.
– Add the Adler32 checksum.
– Add the speech support.
– Record your text files to voice AIFF.
– Some parts rewrited.
– Add Keychain support for OpenSSL Password.
– Repaired the preferences Menu Item.
– Add gzip compression for files.
– Add bzip2 compression for files.
– Add Alpha, Numeric, AlphaNumeric for Password generator.
– Add the Secure erase file.
– Repaired a bug about checkbox.
– Manual partially rewrited.

Version 0.62

– Add Print functionality.
– Add Check updates functionality.
– Add Mail functionality to send encrypted text.
– Add UUencode / UUdecode for files.
– Add Macbinary for files.
– Add Password crypt.
– Add a Wordlist reader.
– Add French localization (BETA).
– Add an icon for the wordlist created.
– Add a .htpasswd generator.
– Corrected a bug with ‘Aes, Ano & Twofish’.
– Corrected texts fields.
– Corrected Sha256,512 fields.
– Corrected threads result.
– Corrected the encodings of the main window.
– Corrected two bugs on the main window (Thanks to hacecolor).
– Corrected bugs on metal windows.
– JTR now compiled to support Alti/vec.
– JTR updated to version 1.7.
– Passwords need admin rights to be seen.
– Passwords storage with Rating System (Strong Encryption) (BETA).
– Passwords of the main windows are now stored in the keychains.
– Code optimized.
– Rewrite menu bar interface.
– Repaired the JTR selection of dictionaries.
– Preferences files are now encrypted.
– Steganography don’t save to .Pict anymore but to the format you use…
– Link to the ‘Certificate Assistant’.
– Link to the ‘Security prefpane’.
– Now PPC / Intel Version.

Version 0.63

– Add a Unix password generator.
– Add a Network part.
– Add a DNS test.
– Add interface window to list all the interfaces of a network.
– Add access to the built-in Mac OS X password assistant.
– Add access to the kerberos tool.
– Add threads of currents applications.
– Add a reader for cry file created with OpenSSL.
– Add an icon for cry file.
– Add a module to search MD5 words on google.
– Add mail buttons on many parts.
– Add serpent encryption capacity.
– Add the ‘open menu’ for the ‘reader’.
– Add a shell selector on the preferences.
– Corrected menus of the french version.
– Correction of the reader.
– Correction and optimization of the code.
– Correction of the preferences part.
– Better image interface for installation.
– Some parts reajusted (Interfaces & others).
– Some improvements for the interface.
– Unified interface for Manual, Logs, Shell, Infos, Locate.

Version 0.64

– Add a process tool on ‘Unix’ part.
– Correction of the ‘MD5 C’ field result.
– Correction of the ‘RC4’ field result.
– Correction of the ‘Zlib’ field result.
– Correction of the ‘Ukno’ field result and button.
– Correction of the ‘Select All’ for Serpent.
– Correction of the ‘Google Search MD5′ interface’.
– Correction of a bug on ‘Unix window’.
– Correction of a bug at launch.
– Correction of a bug on ‘CRC’.
– Correction of a bug when you click the register button.
– Correction of each ‘Toolbar icons’.
– Correction of many ‘Save parts’.
– Correction of bugs ‘register,thanks,preference’ when launch under Leopard (Thanks to Brent Austin).
– Unified interface for Interfaces, DNS Test, Telnet.
– Unified interface for ‘Preferences’.
– JTR updated to version
– Interfaces improvements.

Version 0.65

– Add a FAQ on
– Add drag & drop for the reader.
– Add a lock capacity for stego Passwords.
– Add a MD5 Checksum Functionality.
– Add a clipboard capacity inside ‘Checksum’.
– Add the mail capacity inside ‘stego’.
– Add (Outguess) GUI to hide files inside images.
– Add network physical.
– New interface for the preferences.
– New interface for checksum.
– New interface for .htpasswd generator.
– New interface for Mnemonic passsword.
– New interface for Password crypt, generator.
– New interface for Password storage.
– Compilation of JTR for (Universal).
– Correction of a bug at launch.
– Correction of the MD5 Google Search.
– Correction of the ‘MD5 H’ field Result.
– Correction of the ‘Binary’ field Result (Thanks to Noah).
– Correction of the Gzip Decompression.
– Correction of bugs inside the reader.
– Correction of bugs inside the main interface.
– Correction of bugs inside the unix interface.
– Correction of french traductions.
– Correction of the menu.

Version 0.7

– New main interface.
– New steganography interface.
– Add the refresh Windows menu.
– Add logs windows for the ciphers.
– Add the lzw compression.
– Add the RipeMD128 Hash.
– Add the RipeMD160 Hash.
– Add the SHA384 Hash.
– Add ECB, CBC for AES.
– Add ECB, CBC, CFB1 for Twofish.
– Add the Vigenere encryption capacity.
– Add the MD5 Analysis with drop method.
– Add the Counting caracter on the main interface.
– Add logs inside (Outguess) GUI.
– Add the (Mersenne) GUI.
– Add (Quality Icon) ‘Beta’.
– Add csh and ksh selector for shell.
– Correction of the alerts icons.
– Correction of the password storage.
– Correction of the threads window.
– Correction of the network window.
– Correction of the unix window.
– Correction of Blowfish bug.
– Correction of the Speech technic.
– Correction of the htpassword options.
– Correction of the Preferences windows.

Version 0.71

– Correction of a bug in (Quality Icon).
– Correction of a bug in registration process (Thanks to Ed Chapman & Brent Austin).

Version 0.72

– Add Selectall for checksum.
– Add ‘multiple drag’ to checksum.
– Correction of the transparency slider accuracy.
– New disk image icon.

Version 0.73

– Add direct access to ‘Microsoft Cert Manager’.
– Add direct access to ‘firmware password manager’.
– Add (Signature Reader).
– Add (RSA Key Generator).
– Correction of the passwords fields on the main window (Thanks to Rika Suzuki).
– Correction of Password Crypt.
– Correction of a bug in left panel.
– Correction of graphics.
– Correction of the process window.
– Compilation of Pwcrypt for Universal.
– New lock system.

Version 0.74

– Add SHA1 Checksum.
– Correction of localizations.
– Correction of a bug with drag & drop.

Version 0.75

– Add WEP Generator.
– Correction of the RSA Export.
– Correction of the SHA1 Checksum.

Version 0.76

– Add IPV6 for reverse DNS (Experimental).
– Correction of the reverse DNS.
– Correction of the interface list.
– Correction of the logs.

Version 0.77

– Add Icon & easy open for each encryption, encoding, hash schemes (Experimental) (Thanks to Rika Suzuki).
– Add import in the main menu.
– Add refresh button to Threads.
– Add new documentation (Beta).
– Add new ciphers selector.
– Add Logs inside menu.
– Add the Gost Hash.
– Add the MD2 Hash.
– Add the MD4 Hash.
– Add the SHA224 Hash.
– Add the RipeMD256 Hash.
– Add the RipeMD320 Hash.
– Correction of checksum print.
– Correction of open menu.
– Correction of password notes.
– Correction of password manager.
– Correction of a bug in (Quality Icon).
– Correction of a bug in Outguess.
– Correction of ukno field.
– Correction of MD5H field.
– Correction while quitting Cryptix.
– Correction of WEP Generator.
– Correction of SHA1 Checksum.
– Correction of email sending in Steganography.
– Correction of the updater.
– Correction of CRC.
– Correction of french localization.
– Many bug fixes.

Version 0.80

– Snow Leopard compatible.
– Many bug fixes.
– Correction of Import.
– Correction of Save all.
– Correction of the documentation.

Version 0.81

– Add the Cesar encryption capacity.
– Add the Tiger2 Hash.
– Add the Whirlpool Hash.
– Correction of the installer.
– Correction of the erase window.
– Correction of the select-all in the main window.
– Correction of Gost export.

Version 0.82

– Add new SHA1 table.
– Correction of all checksums panels.
– Correction of the main window.
– JTR updated to version
– JTR compiled to support Intel 64Bit.

Version 0.83

– Add UUID Generator.
– Add Authenticity Box inside preferences.
– Correction of Mersenne menu.
– Correction of Openssl menu.
– Correction of Logs menu.
– Fehashmac compiled to support Intel 64Bit.
– Outguess compiled to support Intel 64Bit.
– Pwgen compiled to support Intel 64Bit.
– Pwcrypt compiled to support Intel 64Bit.

Version 0.84

– Add OpenSSL Random Generator.
– Add Core Checksum inside preferences.
– Many bug fixes.

Version 0.85

– Correction of the Wep Generator.
– Correction of the OpenSSL Generator.
– Correction of the Erase window.
– Global Correction of the menu.

Version 0.86

– Add CSV Export.
– Add CSV Export Correction.
– Add Splitter Selection.
– Add Choose Font for Unix and technical fields.
– Add Lash160 Hash.
– Add Lash256 Hash.
– Add Lash384 Hash.
– Add Lash512 Hash.
– Correction of Blowfish field.
– Correction of Reset windows position.
– Correction of French translation.
– Correction of the documentation.

Version 0.87

– Correction of the Wordlist generator.
– Correction of the blowfish 447 Export.
– Correction of the splitter selection.

Version 0.90

– Interface change of JTR.
– Interface change of Wordlist generator.
– Interface change of all password generators.
– Addition of users in Unix section.
– Addition of choice to buy Cryptix.
– Correction of the main interface.
– Correction of the SHA1 interface.
– Correction of blowfish.
– Correction of the logs.

Version 0.91

– Correction of the CSV preference choice.
– Correction of the twofish implementation.
– Correction of the blowfish key generation.
– Correction of the blowfish window.
– Correction of the characters counting in main window.
– Correction of exit process.
– Correction of ukno keychains.
– Correction of keychains.
– Amelioration of Process.

Version 1.0

– Cryptix is now signed.
– Cryptix is optimized for Snow Leopard 10.6.
– Cryptix icon adapted to 512 size.
– Reworked installer.
– Correction of OpenSSL generator.
– Correction of code.
– Correction of generators.
– Correction of interface.
– Outguess removed.

Version 1.0.1

– Complete rewriting.
– Distributed now on Applestore.
– Cryptix is now focused mainly on cryptography.
– Correction of Export.
– Correction of CSV.
– Correction of Kerberos.
– Correction of code.
– Correction of interface.
– Correction of menubar.
– Correction of export.
– JTR removed.(deployed as new project)
– Storage removed.(deployed as new project)
– Steganography removed. (deployed as new project)

Version 1.0.2

– Preferences and Reader are now on the main interface.
– Addition of Twitter link.
– Addition of Cisco ios7.
– Correction of CSV separator.
– Correction of Mersenne.
– Correction of Blowfish.
– Correction of Google MD5 Search.
– Correction of RC4 Benchmark.
– Correction of Password generator.
– Correction of code.
– Correction of localizations.
– Correction of Interface.

Version 1.0.3

– Correction of minimum system requirement.

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Loi export pour Cryptix

Loi Export pour le logiciel Cryptix.


1 : Sommaire :

This rule amends the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to allow the export and reexport of any encryption commodity or software to individuals, commercial firms, and other non-government end-users in all destinations. It also allows exports and reexports of retail encryption commodities and software to all end-users in all destinations. Post-export reporting requirements are streamlined, and changes are made to reflect amendments to the Wassenaar Arrangement. This rule implements the encryption policy announced by the White House on September 16 and will simplify U.S. encryption export rules. Restrictions on terrorist supporting states (Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan or Syria), their nationals and other sanctioned entities are not changed by this rule.

2 : Contexte :

On September 16, 1999, the U.S. announced a new approach to its encryption export control policy. This approach rests on three principles: a technical review of encryption products in advance of sale, a streamlined post-export reporting system and a process that permits the government to review exports of strong encryption to foreign governments. The full range of national interests continue to be served by this new policy: supporting law enforcement and national security, protecting privacy and promoting electronic commerce. Encryption export controls will be simplified and U.S. companies will have new opportunities to sell their products in the global marketplace.This regulation also implements changes for encryption items made by the Wassenaar Arrangement, including: conversion of Category 5- Part 2 (Information Security) of the Commerce Control List (CCL) to a positive list; creation of a Cryptography Note and removal of encryption software from the General Software Note; decontrol of 64-bit mass market software and commodities, including components; and decontrol of certain 512-bit key management products.

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Cryptix FAQ

Cryptix FAQ.


Cryptix FAQ


What is the goal of Cryptix ?

The goal of Cryptix is to provide good security for your data and documents.

What is the license type for Cryptix ?

Cryptix is sold through the MacApp Store.

How much cost Cryptix ?

Cryptix is $1.99 through the Mac App Store.

Do i need a serial number for Cryptix ?

There is no more need of serial number for Cryptix.

How can i uninstall Cryptix ?

Step to uninstall Cryptix :

– Move the to the trash.
– Remove the Cryptix passwords from your keychain.
– Remove the com.rbcafe.cryptix files from preferences.

Can i run Cryptix on my machine ?

Cryptix works under Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7 and is optimized for intel.

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Cryptix 1.0.3




Cryptix is a complete solution for cryptography, coding and encryption. It contains password generators, Mnemonic generator, .htpasswd, 512-bit RSA, many tools. You can encode, decode, compress, decompress, encrypt, decrypt files, data, text.




There are 4 main themes in Cryptix targeting :

  • Encoding.
  • Encryption.
  • Compression.
  • Hashing.

Cryptix contains several UNIX tools to :

  • Explore the manuals.
  • Analyze logs.
  • Find files and commands.
  • Delete file securely.
  • Observe and analyze information.

Cryptix Also contains the following tools :

  • An OpenSSL tool to perform daily tasks.
  • A wordlist generator.
  • A passwords generator.


Cryptography and tools are on the main window in a single unified interface. Generators passwords are also on a single window.




Cryptix Major functionalities


Hash Capacity :

  • GOST
  • Lash160
  • Lash256
  • Lash384
  • Lash512
  • MD2
  • MD4
  • MD5 H
  • RIPEMD128
  • RIPEMD160
  • RIPEMD256
  • RIPEMD320
  • SHA1
  • SHA224
  • SHA256
  • SHA384
  • SHA512
  • Tiger2
  • Whirlpool

Cryptography capacity :

  • Aes 128 /256 bits
  • Ano
  • Blowfish 447
  • Cesar
  • MD5 C
  • RC4
  • Rot13
  • Serpent
  • Twofish
  • Vigenere

Encoding :

  • Base64
  • Binary
  • Hexadecimal
  • Macbinary
  • UU
  • Yencode

Compression :

  • Bzip2
  • Gzip
  • Lzw
  • Zlib

Checksum :

  • CRC
  • Adler32
  • Google search & MD5
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA1 Table
  • SHA1 File analysis

Steganography :


Password generation :


Password Generation


  • Assistant
  • Generator
  • Htpasswd
  • ios7crypt
  • Mnemonic
  • Unix

Tools :

  • Network
  • OpenSSL




  • Mersenne generator
  • Reader
  • RSA generator
  • Unix
  • UUID Generator
  • WEP Generator
  • Wordlist generator


 Wordlist Generator


  • Wordlist reader
 Wordlist Reader

Download Cryptix

 Download Cryptix the from the Mac App Store


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