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The Mac App Store is a digital distribution platform for OS X applications. It was created by Apple Inc. The platform was announced on October 20, 2010, at Apple’s « Back to the Mac » event. Apple began accepting app submissions from registered developers on November 3, 2010, in preparation for its launch. It was released on January 6, 2011, as part of the free Mac OS X 10.6.6 update for all current Snow Leopard users. After 24 hours of release, Apple announced that there were over one million downloads

Mac App Store

Softwares created by Rbcafe on the Mac App Store.

 Crypt  Cryptext

cryptix ECM

 Hash  Inventaire

 Time Up  Tracking

 Voice  Wedding planner

 Worktime  Yang


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Voice : Convert your texts into audio files.




Convert your texts to audio files easily… Write your text, click export. You’ll obtain an audio file of your writing. Write and let your computer read for you… Localized audio examples on :




Japanese voice :



French voice :





Features :


  • Your text can be read in real time.
  • Export of text to sound file.
  • Export of text.
  • Choice of the voice.
  • Choice of the voice’s rate.


Features of Voice :


  1. Voice is available on the Mac App Store, Voice is digitally signed.
  2. Voice Converts your texts into audio files.
  3. Voice is an easy Text to speech software.


Download Voice

 Download Voice from the Mac App Store


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What is Yang and most of all what is Nikto ?




Yang is yet another Nikto GUI;

Yang is a software for analyzing and securing your servers.




Yang establishes diagnostics on :


  • HTTP and SSL elements.
  • Flaws in your server components.
  • Dangerous files/CGIs.
  • Leaked scripts.
  • Outdated server software and other problems.




Yang performs generic and server type specific checks. Yang also captures and prints any cookies received. Conduct a proper investigation into the security of your servers with Yang.


Reviews of Yang :


Thanks a lot! ★★★★★
par azwiki – Version 1.1.0 – Mar 7, 2013

Thank you for writing this security scanner, it helps to keep the web servers secured. This GUI is easy to present to data center, that helps to negotiate a price 🙂


Features of Yang :


  1. Yang is available on the Mac App Store, Yang is digitally signed, unlimited usages and domains.
  2. Yang analyzes your network in one easy step ‘Launch button’.
  3. Yang is easy to configure for Network administrator.
  4. Yang is actually translated into English and French.


Download Yang

 Download Yang from the Mac App Store
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Cryptext : Cryptez vos textes.


Caractéristiques de Cryptext :


  1. Cryptext est disponible sur le Mac App Store. Cryptext est signé numériquement.
  2. Cryptext cache vos textes utilisant le protocole AES 256.
  3. Cryptext est facile à utiliser.




Les étapes de l’utilisation de Cryptext :


  1. Écrivez un mot de passe et une clef dans les préférences de Cryptext.
  2. Vous pouvez choisir la méthode AES.
  3. Écrivez ou copiez les notes que vous voulez sécuriser.
  4. Chiffrer vos textes en cliquant le bouton Encrypter.
  5. Vous pouvez copier,coller,envoyer par courriel ou sauvegarder votre texte.

    Vos notes sont désormais chiffrées utilisant la méthode AES 256.


    Cryptext 1.0.9


    Télécharger Cryptext :

     Télécharger Cryptext depuis le Mac App Store

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Zen : Helps you to focus on your writing…


Features of Zen :


Zen 1.0.3


Version 1.0.4


Zen 1.0.4


  1. Zen is available on the Mac App Store, Zen is digitally signed.
  2. Zen helps you to focus on your writing.
  3. Zen is writing only.
  4. Zen is fullscreen.


Reviews of Zen :


Great ★★★★★
by Rebeck-ay

Great, simple, free app that allows me to get focused and concentrate on my writing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a clean and easy app to use.

Simpatica ★★★★★
par Danny2675 – Version 1.0.1 – Jul 3, 2013

E’ una simpatica app per scrivere ed eventualmente salvare in formato .txt Fa quello che dice: « writing only ». Non si può formattare il testo o fare altro. Solo scrivere. Io lo uso come blocchetto appunti ed è veramente simpatico 🙂

「書く」アプリ ★★★★★
par Zazen Dub – Version 1.0.0 – Jun 28, 2013

エディタというと行揃えですとか行番号、置換などは普通の機能ですがこのアプリにはそういうものは一切ありません。 只々「書く事のみに集中する」エディタ。 余計なものは全て取り去って、「禅定(集中の仏教語)」して書き物をするためのある意味悟り系アプリ。


Download Zen

 Download Zen from Mac App Store


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Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner : Plan your wedding.

Wedding Planner
Wedding planner helps you prepare your wedding with ease. Record your activities, your contacts, plan your budget easily. Store your ideas, your notes, your links. Wedding Planner.


 Wedding Planner


Each of the 13 Preparations Categories has its own page, where planners can add appropriate items and each item’s budget. There are also check boxes for completed tasks and the date, plus a a section for notes. Automatically, the multi-colored bar graph in the Budget window includes the total expenditures in each Category. Also in the Budget window is the Total Budget display, with color-coded Categories.


Wedding Planner


Feature Highlights of Wedding Planner :


  • Plan every aspect of a wedding.
  • 13 different Categories for planning and preparation.
  • Extensive budgeting capabilities for all 13 Categories, plus graphs.
  • Elegant design with custom, 3D icons.
  • Get an overall view of the progress, planning, and budgeting of your wedding?


Wedding Planner


The Ideas Window lets users create file entries for a website, contact, name, address, and telephone number. There is also room for a full text description of the Idea and an image. The Preparation Notes window allows detailed notes.
The Preferences settings include a Total Budget field that can be in any of eight different currencies. Users can use the built-in calendar to set the Wedding and Invitation dates and change tentative Budgets into final Budgets.

Features of Wedding Planner :


  1. Wedding Planner is available on the Mac App Store, Wedding Planner is digitally signed.
  2. Wedding Planner is for Mac OS X.
  3. Wedding Planner is easy to use.


Wedding Planner

Download Wedding Planner

 Download Wedding Planner from Mac App Store


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Time Up

Time Up : Compte à rebours pour OS X.

 Time Up

Caractéristiques de Time Up :


  1. Time Up est disponible sur le Mac App Store, Time Up est signé numériquement.
  2. Time Up est votre compte à rebours pour OS X.
  3. Time Up est facile à utiliser.

Time Up


Version 1.0.5 :

– Configuration minimale du système requise.(10.8)
– Ajout d’une aide globale.
– Ajout de nouvelles alarmes.
– Ajout du support plein écran.
– Ajout du redimensionnement de la liste.
– Ajout de l’impression de la liste.
– Ajout des notifications.
– Ajout du support Retina pour la barre d’outils.
– Ajout des sections.
– Ajout de l’édition des temps.
– Ajout de l’exportation TXT.
– Ajout de l’exportation XML.
– Ajout d’un nouveau champ de notification vocale.
– Correction de l’icône de Time Up.
– Correction du sélecteur de police.
– Correction du nettoyage.
– Correction du chargement.
– Correction du menu d’aide.
– Correction de la barre de menu.
– Correction des préférences.
– Correction des messages de Time Up.
– Correction de la barre d’outils.
– Correction des voix.




Reviews of Time Up :


revised review ★★★★
par Helmut14 – 15 mai 2014

I previously had trouble working this app out. However, I’ve now mastered it – and like it! Its simple, clean and uncomplicated. Allows you to count down to a deadline or target time. Thanks.


Good Timer ★★★★
par MiraculousMouse – 5 mars 2013

A really good timer with various alarm functions at a fair price.


Télécharger Time Up

 Télécharger Time Up depuis le Mac App Store
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Worktime : Time management tool for OS X.

Worktime is a stopwatch application which allows you to calculate the time charged for your achievements and work. Moreover it is a simple stopwatch software and a complete time tracking tool…




Features of Worktime :


  1. Worktime is available on the Mac App Store, Worktime is digitally signed.
  2. Import and backup of your time data to CSV.
  3. Management of your activities and your hourly rates.
  4. Manage your time tracking.


Download Worktime

 Download Worktime the from Mac App Store


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