OS X is a series of Unix-based graphical interface operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is designed to run on Macintosh computers, having been pre-installed on all Macs since 2002. It was the successor to Mac OS 9, released in 1999, the final release of the « classic » Mac OS, which had been Apple’s primary operating system since 1984. The first version released was Mac OS X Server 1.0 in 1999, and a desktop version, Mac OS X v10.0 « Cheetah » followed on March 24, 2001. Previous releases of OS X were named after big cats; for example, OS X v10.8 was referred to as « Mountain Lion ». However, with the announcement of OS X Mavericks in June 2013, this was dropped in favor of Californian landmarks. Within the market of desktop, laptop and home computers, and by web usage, OS X is the second most widely used OS after Windows.

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Tracking : System Analysis


Tracking is the all-in-one tool to analyze the application launches, the system changes inside your computer. Tracking also analyzes your volumes to give you a reliable indication of the hours of mouting, unmounting, renaming of your volumes.




Applications :


  • Analysis of the launch of an application.
  • Analysis of the extinction of an application.
  • Analysis of the application activation / deactivation.
  • Analysis of the hidden state of an application.


System :


  • Analysis of the system sleep state.
  • Analysis of the system wake state.
  • Analysis of the activation of a session.
  • Analysis of the end of a session.
  • Analysis of spaces.


Screen :


  • Analysis of the screen wake state.
  • Analysis of the screen sleep state.


Volumes :


  • Analysis of the mounting of a volume.
  • Analysis of the unmounting of a volume.
  • Analysis of the renaming a volume.


Features of Tracking :

  1. Tracking is available on the Mac App Store.
  2. Tracking export data in CSV format.
  3. Tracking is easy to use.


Download Tracking

 Download Tracking from the Mac App Store


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Hash : Outil pour le hachage.


Hash est votre utilitaire pour valider la somme de contrôle d’un fichier (fichier de contrôle).

Avec « Hash » vous calculez le hachage d’un fichier.




Hash prend en charge les algorithmes suivants :


  • Adler32
  • CRC16
  • CRC32
  • DSS1
  • MD4
  • MD5
  • MDC2
  • RMD160
  • SHA
  • SHA1
  • SHA256


Autres fonctionnalités :


  • Le mode Drag & drop.
  • Exporter les résultats.
  • Information sur le fichier analysé.
  • Vérification instantanée de la validité d’un fichier avec un résultat coloré.
  • Sélecteur d’algorithmes.


Caractéristiques de Hash :


  1. Hash est disponible sur le Mac App Store, Hash est signé numériquement.
  2. Hash est le meilleur outil pour obtenir le hachage d’un fichier.
  3. Hash est facile à utiliser.

Télécharger Hash

 Télécharger Hash depuis le Mac App Store


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Apple WWDC 2014 – OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Apple WWDC 2014 – OS X 10.10 Yosemite

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), is a conference held annually in California by Apple Inc. The conference is used by Apple to showcase its new software and technologies for software developers. Attendees can participate in hands-on labs with Apple engineers, as well as in-depth sessions that cover a wide variety of topics. Until 2007, the number of attendees varied between 2,000 and 4,200; however, during WWDC 2007, Steve Jobs noted that there were more than 5,000 attendees. The WWDC events held from 2008 to 2015 were capped, and sold out at 5,000 attendees (5,200 including special attendees).


Watch the WWDC 2014 Conference :


The WWDC 2014 was held from June 2 to 6, 2014 in Moscone West.


WWDC 2014


For the first time, the opportunity to purchase tickets was given at random to developers who were members of an Apple developer program at the time of the conference announcement, and who registered at Apple’s developer web site. Apple also gave 200 free tickets to students as Students Scholarships. The keynote began on June 2 and Apple unveiled several new software items, including iOS 8—the largest update to iOS since the release of the App Store—and OS X Yosemite, which features a completely redesigned interface inspired by iOS. No new hardware was announced at WWDC 2014, but the new Swift programming language was announced, along with a surplus of developer kits and tools for iOS 8. Bastille performed at the Yerba Buena Gardens,

and attendees received a black windbreaker with the letters « WWDC » across the front and the number « 14 » stitched on the back, along with a US$25 iTunes gift card to commemorate the 25th anniversary of WWDC.


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securityd — Security context daemon for Authorization and cryptographic




securityd maintains security contexts and arbitrates cryptographic opera-
tions and Security Authorizations. Access to keychain items is routed
through securityd to enforce access controls and to keep private keys out
of user process address space. Authorization calls also communicate with
securityd to enforce rules contained in the /etc/authorization database.
All user interaction with securityd is mediated through the Security

This command is not intended to be invoked directly.


securityd was first introduced in Mac OS X version 10.0 (Cheetah) as the
« Security Server » and was renamed in 10.4 (Panther).


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