À propos de Rbcafe

Rbcafe is a 13 years old concept…

Rbcafe was created during the year 2004.


The first website was created using WordPress. During this year, I created a software called Cryptix. Cryptix was my first software, history of Cryptix can testify.


The logo of Rbcafe was designed again to the big R :


And this slogan was released on the about page of Rbcafe :

About Rbcafe

And Now ?


Research :

  • Software development.
  • Software development on Mac OSX & macOS
  • Activities on Rbcafe
  • Unity development.


Web design :

  • Creation of numerous websites and interfaces.
  • Creation of web design pages.
  • Creation of logos and interfaces.

Cryptext 1.0.9

Cryptography :

  • Creation of Cryptix software.
  • Creation of Crypt software.
  • Creation of Cryptext software.

Outguess Explain

Security :

  • Steganography and Cryptography.
  • Server analysis with Yang.
  • GUI development for security software
  • Ethical hacking and security report